Drivers Log Book

Drivers Log Book – Why Do I need it?

Drivers Log Book

Truck drivers are required by the US government to keep a drivers log book to record information about their activities. These commercial truck drivers deliver goods throughout the whole country, crossing state lines in doing so. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that is part of the US Department of Transportation requires that truck drivers keep a record of their activities in the official drivers log book. These log books are monitored to make sure that drivers keep to the maximum number of hours of driving before they need to take the required rest period.

Details That Must Be Recorded in the Drivers Log Book

The drivers log book should contain details about his hours of driving including en-route stops. The drivers log book will show that the number of hours he/she has been driving. The drivers log book must also account for his rest period so authorities can check if the driver has taken the mandatory minimum 10 consecutive hours of off-duty daily. The time that he spends sleeping in the sleeper berth must also be recorded in the drivers log book as federal regulations require that he spends at least 8 hours in the sleeper berth.  Drivers logbook must be updated daily and must be in the vehicle at all times.

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