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A vehicle app that helps you QUICKLY LEARN what GAS or FUEL TYPE your car or truck performs best on, when services are due and what fuel mileage you are getting!

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    SIMPLE TO USE Vehicle App

    It’s easy to navigate and use this vehicle app to track your gas or fuel consumption, expenses, and see what fuel your car or truck works best on. Easy navigation, clear icons and so easy to use!

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    Track Your Gas Mileage GRAPHICALLY

    See your fuel consumption and expenses graphically. Compare fuel types and see what gas gives your car or truck peak performance.

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    Killer GRAPHICS & Easy Navigation

    This is the leading gas mileage consumption calculator. It’s so EASY TO USE! It does everything you need.

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    Full iOS4 Retina Display

    PRO Vehicle App looks absolutely stunning on the iPhone’s retina display. You can see every detail of the CGI created graphics and you’ll be dazzled by the graphics!

PRO Vehicle App is simple to use and does everything for you! PRO Vehicle App shows you the BEST GAS type that gives your car or truck the optimum consumption and tracks all your expenses and reminds you of services. This car mileage calculator will be on the 1st page on your iPhone or iPad!

You have probably wondered if different gas types give different performance. Now you can see exactly what the fuel consumption is with different brands. You may have been wasting money for years using the wrong type for your vehicle!

Whether you have a brand new car with the latest on-board computer or an older version with a dubious gas gauge, you are going to discover what type is ideal for your engine. We’ll provide the fuel consumption app that shows you the correct brand and saves you money. Everybody can think of a few better uses to spend their cash on than gas!

We have some awesome graphics so you can see your fuel economy with some killer graphics. It’s really easy to see if your vehicle’s consumption is improving or which type gives you the best consumption.

PRO Vehicle App™ is no doubt one of the most original and beneficial car mileage calculators you’ll use on your iPhone or iPad. You will spend hours on this car app using it’s cool features.

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